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Healthcare enterprise Attendo’s cure for growing pains: Palette

When Sweden’s leading health and social care company, Attendo outgrew its accounts payable management system, its Finance Director contacted Palette. Thanks to Palette’s smart solution, Attendo has tripled the amount of supplier invoices it can manage with the same number of AP staff.

“800 invoices finalised with just one click”, says Erik Råberg System Owner at Attendo.

More invoices, less work

Attendo has grown very rapidly during the past few years – during 2017 the company’s turnover reached 11 billion SEK (1.1 billion EUR). Meanwhile, the number of supplier invoices the company needed to process increased alongside this growth. Over eight years, the number of supplier invoices Attendo handled increased from 50,000 to 180,000. The finance department soon realised they would need a new system to help them manage the extra volume which could automate the department’s manual processes.
Erik Råberg, System Owner at Attendo said:

“We just didn’t have time to manage all the incoming invoices. But since changing to Palette, we can manage three times the volume of invoices than our previous AP system allowed. Palette’s system made this possible by automating many manual tasks.”

Keep time stealers away

Since switching from an outdated system to Palette, Attendo has eliminated four manual touch points per standard invoice. Attendo expects to manage 180 000 supplier invoices this year, so the company will reduce manual handling by some 800 000 elements in 2018 thanks to Palette’s AP automation solution.

“Palette has saved us an enormous amount of time,” says Erik Råberg.


Automated purchase order matching, rule based workflows and account match suggestions are some of the features that Palette’s solution offers.

“In Palette you can set up workflows just how you like them” says Erik Råberg.

Palette’s solution is user friendly, so users quickly can learn how to work and navigate the system. That was another key aspect that encouraged us to choose it.
“Most of Attendo’s employees are fantastic at delivering good care, but we cannot expect them to be data technicians too” says Erik Råberg and continues:

 “With Palette it’s easy to put things right. If you make a mistake, the system will let you know.”

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About Attendo

Sweden’s first privately owned health- and social care company was founded in 1985 and is today one of Sweden’s leading enterprises in this niche. The company has approximately 24 000 employees and operations in some 70 different locations mainly in Sweden, but also in Norway, Denmark and Finland. Attendo provides services in the field of elderly care, care for people with disabilities and support for families and individuals with special needs.

Asiakas: Attendo
Toimiala: Health- and social care
Alue: Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland
Järjestelmä: Visma Business
Laskuja/vuosi: 180 000
Työntekijöitä: 24 000
Paletten ratkaisu: AP Automation, contract management and purchase order matching